Can I have the RAW files from our shoot together?


Why is photography so expensive?

Photography requires a lot of expensive equipment. Photography lessons are expensive. It takes a lot of time to develop an eye for photography, which is expensive.

Wow, you’re really cheap compared to other photographers! Why is that?

Photography is not my primary source of income, which means that I can offer clients a good deal.

We had a shoot together and you took lots of photos. Why can’t I have them all?

I take lots of photos to ensure that I get some good shots. I never give all of my photos away, nor would you want them. Do you really want photos of yourself making awkward faces and blinking?  

I want to become a photographer. Do you offer lessons?

I do! Shoot me a message via email or Facebook. I offer lessons for free, at the moment. 

You took photos for me, but I haven’t received them yet. What’s up?

I have lots of clients. You’ll get your photos, I promise. Weddings take me one to two months to edit. 

Do I have to give you credit?

While I don’t require that people give me credit,  doing so helps me and my business. Now, am I going to hunt you down and reprimand you for not tagging my business on Facebook when you update your profile picture? No. But why wouldn’t you credit me?   

Do you ever take photos for free?

If you are interested in modeling, I love having creative shoots. All of the photos on this website’s home page were taken during creative shoots. 

What happened to "X" album? Why can’t I find photos from "X" event?

I sometimes update the back end of my website, which may cause some links to break. If I have sent you a link to an album that you can no longer find, shoot me a message, and I will be happy to resend you a working link. 

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