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Why I Fucking Love Sports Photography

Although I consider myself to be athletic, I have never played a sport. I'll blame it on being homeschooled. Thanks, mom.

In day-to-day life, people are not interesting subjects for photography. We sit, walk, stand, and sleep, which are not very interesting activities. It's only when we perform an activity that challenges us physically do we become interesting. What's a more interesting photograph: a person reading a book or a person screwing in a lightbulb overhead?

When the human form is flexed, extended, exerted, contorted, or challenged, it becomes dynamic. Sports offer some of the best examples of physical dynamism, which in turn make for  some pretty cool shots.

Check out the photo below. Isn't it exciting? Look at the girl in white, releasing every ounce of energy in a desperate attempt to sling her ball down the field. Now look at the girl in the foreground who's twisting her torso as she tries to block her opponent. It's fucking gorgeous.

"Well, aren't we feeling mighty proud of ourselves," you say. "Calm your fucking horses," I retort. Yes, I'm proud of this shot, but I also know it's not perfect. In fact, my biggest issue with this shot is that it's slightly out of focus, which makes me want to slit my fucking wrists.

If you're reading this, mom, don't worry. The imperfections serve as yet another reminder as to why I love sports photography: it's challenging. And isn't the challenge what attracts us to any activity? I mean, would you want to see the New York Yankees play against your local little league team? No, you wouldn't. It would be fucking boring. Perhaps a little funny...but mostly boring.

You want to see players work for that goal, and I want to work to get that golden shot. And when the time comes for me to take that shot, I want to see muscles flexed and fists clenched. I want physical dynamism.

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