What I love most about photography is that it's not about creating something, but about witnessing, and then documenting, tiny moments that are already there. This is challenging because education, jobs, parents, and society have taught us to make quick judgments, analyze our assumptions, and then move on. It takes time, effort, and an active decision to stop and allow moments to breathe and acknowledge their existence. It makes sense. In order to function properly and succeed we need to do what we need to do, and we need to do it quickly. But what exactly are we supposed to be doing? And what does it mean to succeed? And why the hell do we need to do it so damn quickly?

Things are constantly moving you: fear, determination, anxiety, attraction, etc. But what stops you? What physically stops you from moving and makes you look? What if instead of walking from place to place you allowed something to stop you? And what if instead of labeling something as good, bad, attractive, ugly, etc. you allow yourself to simply see it?

It's so much easier to default to quick judgments and disregard people or moments as insignificant. It's much harder to stop, look, and see. And if you're anything like me, then most days, you just won't want to.

That's why I've come to love photography. Because it forces me to slow down and appreciate the moments and people that that I would have otherwise disregarded because of personal judgments. I don't see everything, but I see a little more every day.

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