The short answer is yes.

Professional photos are an essential part of branding and marketing your business.  

How can professional photography help your business?

Professional photography can help your business just as much as bad photography can hurt it. High-quality images convey credibility and trust to a potential client or consumer. Bad photography can confuse a client or consumer and make them second-guess whether or not they want to give you their service. 

The images below are of the same taco dish. I took the photo on the left, and the owner of the restaurant took the photo on the right. 

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Make Your Website Shine

The most obvious place to share your photos of your business is on your website. While you may think that you only need photos if you’re selling products, the truth is that you should have photos that demonstrate the kind of experience that people get from working with you.

For example, let’s say you’re a lawyer, you should have polished headshots of all your staff that accompany the bios on your site. You should also have photos that have you performing tasks and helping clients. 

Kate Nelson is an interior designer in Vermont and hired me to take photos of her that she could use on her website and for marketing materials. Having photos that show you "in action" makes your website more interesting and offers an opportunity for you to show off your personality. As you can see from the photos below, Kate is extremely friendly and the images give the viewer insight into her process.

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Social Media Marketing Done Right

Even today, businesses struggle with how to run their social media accounts. What is your voice? What is your style? What is your brand?

Having a professional photographer on retainer can solve a lot of these problems. While they may not be able to whip up a witty caption for your next Instagram post, they can certainly provide you with a library of assets that you can use (and re-use) for all of your digital marketing needs.

Maybe you are a restaurant owner who needs photos of all your delicious dishes. Assuming that you have a robust menu, you can potentially receive hundreds of photos to use across your social channels for months. Or maybe you’re a tech startup trying to convey to potential clients the relaxed and professional attitude you bring to your work. Whatever your business is, professional photography will help you tell your story. 

You’ve decided to hire a professional photographer for your business. Now what?

There are a few questions to consider when hiring a photographer for your business.

1. Do I like their style?

For many photographers, what you see is what you get. Photographers spend years developing their style, and it's unlikely they will change that style based on your desires.

Just like you wouldn’t order a hamburger at a Mexican restaurant, you want to make sure that you choose a photographer whose work is in line with what you want for your business.   

Therefore, you must spend some time looking at various photographers’ portfolios to see whose work you like best.

2. Are they within my budget? If not, can I make a deal with them?

A good photo takes time,  skill, and expensive camera gear to create. Most photographers are willing to work with clients and treat them fairly. But it’s also important to realize that photographers have a business to run and need to make money.

Consider how you plan to use the images to ensure that you are getting the most out of your photoshoot. Do you only want photos for your website? Do you want to share images on your social media channels to promote your business? Are the photos of retail products (i.e., on a white background), or do you want to have a lifestyle shoot?

These questions are useful for you and will help your photographer quote you accurately for your project. I recommend that you put together a shot list/wish list of all the images you hope to have. From there, you can work with a photographer and see what is possible based on your budget. Keep in mind that speed and quantity often come at the cost of quality.

What about TFP?

If you have a  good relationship with the photographer, you can also consider TFP. TFP, or Trade For Print, is when a business gives a photographer services or goods in exchange for photos. For example, I might take pictures of a restaurant’s menu in exchange for meal vouchers. If money is tight, and you think your photographer might be interested in what you have to offer, it’s worth having a conversation with them about TFP. 

Do I like them as a person?

At first blush, this might sound like a silly question. But it’s important to realize that a business partnership is still a relationship. If you have photography needs now, the chances are good that you will have photography needs in the future. Many of the photography shoots that I’ve been on consist of working closely with the business owner for several hours, setting up the shots, and discussing what works and what doesn't. If you can’t see yourself hanging out with this person for several hours for a shoot, then you may want to continue your search.

What do other people say about this photographer?

Google reviews are an excellent way to get a sense of a photographer and whether they are a good match for you. Most photographers will have pretty nice reviews, but there can be insightful information that may help decide who to hire for your business.

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