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My name is Yeager Anderson. However, if you know me, then you know that most people call me Teddy.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been referred to as "Teddy." To this day, I still don't know why my mother decided to name me after an alcoholic beverage only to immediately start referring to me as a child's plaything.

I grew up in Macon GA. Despite often being listed among the worst places to live, Macon is an incubator for creativity and is the home to many incredible artists  including Little Richard, The Allman Brothers Band, Otis Redding, Lucille Hegamin, and Sidney Lanier, to name a few. Perhaps one day my name will be added to this list of famous southerners.

I was raised in the theatre where I developed a love for performing, designing, and all things creative. After graduating at the top of my class, because I was home-schooled, I matriculated into the class of 2013.5* of Middlebury College and continued my theatre education. While theatre and photography are both creative art forms, theatre demanded much of my time as a student and it wasn't until my final semester at Middlebury College that I became interested in digital photography.

I was drawn to digital photography, like many of my interests, because it synthesises technical knowledge with creative expression. You have to understand the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO in order to use your camera, but how you chose to use these technical components of exposure yields a huge amount of creativity.

Today, I work for my alma mater as a digital media producer, which allows me numerous opportunities to photograph people, landscapes, and events. I also have my own business, hence this website, which gives me even more opportunities to express my creativity and love of photography. Most recently, I've started photographing weddings.

Education has played a seminal part in my success as a photographer. While experience is a great teacher, I have had the privilege of working with—and learning from— some fantastic artists. During my developing stages as a photographer, I would have one-on-one sessions with Todd Balfour, Brett Simison, and May Mantell.  Most recently, I have taken advanced fashion and portraiture courses with Michael Woloszynowicz and Dani Diamond.

To sum up this little bio, here is a list of some of my other passions:

• Pizza
• Taco Bell
• Dancing (There's nothing I love more than dancing)
• Piano (Piano is my rock. My lighthouse on a stormy sea. When I feel sad, I play a piano and I immediately feel better)
• Music Composition (I love writing music, especially electronic music)
• Web Design (I nerd out over this stuff)
• Cats (I might be a cat)

*At Middlebury, ".5" is added to the class year of students who begin their college careers in February. It's weird.

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